Terms of Service


This User Agreement (the "Agreement"), incorporated here by reference, is expressly incorporated into the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and Game Rules (as defined in Section 9). Below is the user ("user", "you” and "your") Head Digital Works Pvt Ltd (formerly known as Head Infotech India Private Limited) and its licensors, branches, subsidiaries(the "Company", "us", "we" and "our") which governs your use of the products and affiliates and services ("Services") provided by Head Digital Works Pvt Ltd (CIN:U72900DL2017PTC325102) ("Company") via the website www.rummyspark.com and via the mobile application ("Platform") and related software ("Software") on Android and iOS platforms. By using any service, you agree to all the terms of this agreement.

If any of the terms of the Agreement are deemed illegal, invalid or not applicable for any reason, this does not affect the validity and applicability of the remaining terms. Any failure or delay on our part in enforcing any right or remedy in violation of the terms of this Agreement should not be construed as a waiver of our right to act in connection with such violation. Or any previous, simultaneous, subsequent or similar violations.

The Operator is a member of The Rummy Federation (TRF), a not for profit organization founded to support and guide the online rummy sector in providing sustainable and responsible entertainment for players across India.


You must ensure that you read, understand and accept all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement before using the Services. You can use the Services only if you have read and recognize the Agreement and respected its terms and conditions. If you have questions about the assent, contact us at info@RummySpark.com.

We reserve the right to review, modify or change the terms of this Agreement at any time, and it is advisable to consult these Terms regularly. We will notify you of such changes (the "Notice") by notifying the Company it deems appropriate or by publishing an amended agreement on the Platform. Such changes may include changes to any of our Game Rules. If you do not accept the terms of the modified Agreement, you can stop using the Services by letting us know that you wish to close your account. Continued use of the service will be considered for approval of changes to the Agreement.


The use of the name by RummySpark.com and any other name or brand associated with the Platform, the Services of the Software is strictly prohibited unless used with the express written consent of the Company. Platform services and software including code, documentation, form structure and organization are the exclusive product of the Company and all rights are expressly and invisible on the RummySpark.com website. It contains games, software, codes, copies, modifications or parts of them.


To use the Services, a user must register for two separate effective accounts (hereinafter referred to as "Accounts") as described in Section 6 of this Agreement and provide all mandatory information honestly and accurately.

To participate in tutorial games (as defined in Section 4.3 below), you must be at least 18 years old.

To participate in Real Chip Games, you must always meet the following criteria at all times:

(a) You must be at least 18 years old and not suffer from defects that prevent you from accepting the liability contained in the Contract form participating in the games offered as part of the Services.
(b) You must be a residing of India.
(c) You must ensure that you are participating in Real Chip Games in the specific jurisdiction in which you access the Services.
(d) You are not an resident in the following states: Assam, Nagaland, Orissa, Sikkim and Telangana.
(e) You are not sign up in any of the following states: Assam, Nagaland, Orissa, Sikkim and Telangana.
(f) You must have a valid PAN number, which will be linked to your number and you will provide it to us on request.

An “Acceptable Area” is an area of India, with the exception of Assam, Telangana, Orissa, Nagaland and Sikkim. “Games with real chips” are games or tournaments that are part of the Services and in which you must have a non-zero cash balance (“Cash balance”) in your accounts. The term “training game” defines any game, except for a real chip that the company created using a platform or software. All real chips and training games are collectively called "games."

Users who do not meet the above criteria are expressly excluded from participating in games with real chips and are not eligible for prizes that they can earn after participating in games with real chips.

By browsing or using the platform or using any of the services, or using the communication capabilities of the platform, you acknowledge and agree that you may encounter content published by other users that you consider suspicious or offensive. We may disclose at our discretion content posted by other users as suspicious or objectionable. And we reserve the right to act on matters that we consider appropriate. The decision we make in this regard is final and binding on you.

You acknowledge and agree that you can only access the game from areas that are not classified as restricted areas. Any access to our website or mobile application through a limited number of IP or GPS masking programs, such as B. incorrect GPS location and incorrect GPS GO spoofed location. This may violate our general conditions. This permanently deletes the blacklist, the username is deleted, and all cash balance is lost. In addition, these actions violate applicable law, for which the user is solely responsible for fines (monetary and criminal matters) in accordance with applicable law. The company is not responsible for the consequences of illegal access to our platforms that violate our security protocol.

You accept that you are not subject to political influence.

You acknowledge and agree that you have not been convicted of a crime.

You acknowledge and agree that you are not on the UN sanctions list or you are not on the UN sanctions list.

Description of Services

We offer valid and registered users the opportunity to access and play Rummy Online. The company offers software and IT services that enable you to play games with other people online.

The services offered by the company serve only to facilitate the skill game.

The company charges a commission (“service charge”) for the original chip games only from the winners of those original chip games, which include all applicable service / GST fees. The price of the service may change over time and from one original chip to another.

Your Account

Each user's number is divided into two virtual numbers. All chips purchased by the user according to the mechanism specified in section 7.2 (a) must be indicated on the first virtual number (“chip number”), as well as on any winnings in cash games or any bonus received in accordance with section 20. The contract must be concluded on the second virtual account (“Winnings and Bonus Account”). For clarification, payment and bonus accounts consist of two virtual parts: the first part contains the user's winnings (“Winnings Component”), and the second part is a bonus that users can credit at their discretion (“bonus component”) if the conditions are met. Amounts are covered by relevance and conditions.

You must use your accounts only.

You agree that all information you provide when opening accounts or at the request of the Company will be provided to you in a real, complete and accurate manner in the future. You agree to provide this information at the request of the Company, including copies of documents such as your PAN card or address and proof of identity, upon request by the Company. You understand that the Company may take action to verify this information provided by you. If the company is still satisfied with the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of data provided by the continued use of services including but not limited to cash withdrawals.

The use of the Services by registered accounts in the name of any other person is prohibited.

If you attempt to open multiple accounts in your name or by another name or if you attempt to use the Services with another person's account numbers, we are entitled to close all accounts to refuse access or future use of the Services.
The Company reserves the right to control any attempt to create multiple accounts. If the Company finds that you have opened more than one account for each person, all additional accounts will be closed without notice, other violations will result in the closure of one of your accounts, and the company may revoke the associated benefits.

You shall not transfer your password to any confidential information associated with your accounts or other accounts. The Company is not responsible for the access of others to their accounts using a password or other information or confidential information. The company is responsible for selecting and protecting passwords for appropriate action and advising you to get the most up-to-date password.
Balance of Virtual Account

To participate in Real Chip games, you must maintain a positive account balance in your accounts.

The Fund Balance consists of two components. Money on the cost of your Chips Account and money residing in your Winnings and Bonus Accounts.
Considering this cash balance, the user accepts or understands the following:

(a) The entire loan must be made through third party payment gateways provided by the company at the expense of your chip ("Cash Credits "). The Company is not responsible for approving or rejecting such transactions and these transactions are subject to the payment terms of these third parties. However, the Company may cancel any transaction, in which case the appropriate amount will be returned to the equipment / account used to finalize the transaction.

(b) Users acknowledge and agree that all credits on the Chips account and all User-created Chips accounts will always be trusted by the company so that users can participate in and play Chip games until they receive funds from the Chips account subtracted from. All cash loans are to be held on your own and on your behalf.

(c) All Cash must be deposited into you and are in your name through own instruments/accounts.

(d) All transactions on the platform must be made in Indian rupees.

(e) Each win at Real Chip Games is credited exclusively to the winning component of the winner and the bonus number. Any bonus amount under Section 2.0 of this Agreement will only be credited to the bonus component of your winnings and bonus numbers.

(f) Users acknowledge and agree that the company can make it easier for other partners in the cash game to collect and receive the winning amount. The Company will retain the winning component of the winner and the bonus number, as well as the terms of this agreement, until the user decides to use them to play a cash game or to withdraw them as the winner's representative.

(g) Users acknowledge and agree that the Company will retain the bonus amount (if any) in the bonus component of the winners and the bonus number of accounts for the relevant users until the time the user uses it. Play or withdraw a cash game in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

(h) The company always maintains an account and non-interest bearing bank accounts (in cash) related to the sum of all chips and winnings as well as the bonus accounts of the users, separately from other funds. Such cash balances are available to users at all times to play in the amount of the chip account or to withdraw winnings and bonus accounts, subject to the specific restrictions contained in the agreement. To the extent permitted by law, claims over the amount corresponding to the user's cash balance are preferred to all other claims.

(i) The withdrawing an amount from your account ("withdrawing cash") is only enforceable in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

(j) The company may restrict your ability to make cash credits or withdrawals daily / per session or impose other types of restrictions to promote responsible gaming and prevent unauthorized or illegal activities. You will be notified at the time of such restrictions being imposed and changes will be made to those restrictions. The Company reserves the right at its sole discretion, to impose and change such restrictions, although you may request such a restriction.

(k) You can request a refund at any time, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, subject to any restrictions. Withdrawals from your bank account to the bank cause the company to withdraw this money. Your preference will be given due consideration. A cash withdrawal will only be made in favor of an Indian rupee account on your behalf.

(l) The cash balance is non-interest bearing. Cash balances are not transferable or negotiable unless this is expressly permitted by contract. [In addition, cash withdrawals from the cash balance associated with the success or bonus number of each user are not permitted. You haven't played enough real chip games or made cash credits (this can only be determined by the company).

(m) Withdrawal from the chip number is only permitted under Section 19 of this Agreement. Subject to participating in the required real chip games (as determined by the company at its sole discretion), only cash withdrawals from the profit component and bonus amounts that are on the bonus component credited by the company are permitted. For clarification, cash withdrawals are only permitted from the winning and bonus accounts. If the affected user withdraws these winners from the bonus account, the company accepts the request in the form specified and transfers the amount specified to the users.

(n) Cash withdrawals are not possible for participation in Real Chip games. Redeeming chips in the chip account therefore does not allow cash withdrawals.

(o) Consequently, when buying chips from the cash balance to add a seat to the table or to the competition, the amount which for example, the amount of i.e. Chip must not be reduced first, then the returnable part, for example, must not be refunded. Profit and bonus account to make the most extreme part of the cash balance available by withdrawing cash for cash discounts. When buying tokens within the profit and bonus numbers, the bonus factor is removed first, followed by the profit component.

(p) In the event that (i) it has a cash balance for more than 300 days and (ii) it does not participate in a real game with a token, the company reserves the right to waive the total amount of the token, as it deems appropriate. In addition, the company will refund the total amount of the profit and bonus account (for over 300 days) to your bank account available with us. If bank details are not available, you may be asked to provide them, to process the refund. If the bank account details are not sent within the deadline, the company reserves the right to waive the profit and bonus account amount or to treat the amount it deems appropriate. In the event of confiscation, the amount seized by the company is treated as a gross amount, which may include service tax / goods services tax (GST). These requirements and provisions may change from time to time due to changes in tax laws and other applicable laws.

The Company is required to deduct the withholding tax ("TDS") for games with real chips on winnings above Rs 10,000 / - for a billiard tournament 201 or a billiard tournament 101 or the best of the 3 tournaments or one game with rummy points or a tournament with several tables. In such cases, the profits will be credited to the profit and bonus account after deducting 30% TDS. Please note that you have a valid PAN in accordance with the provisions in Section 6.1 and that you must send your PAN data and proof immediately on request in order to be able to credit these winnings and allow withdrawals of money in this regard. If you do not provide valid PAN information within 60 days of the game end date, where your winnings are greater than Rs. 10,000 / - and subject to the TDS deductions, the company reserves the right to waive any entry from this game after handing over the TDS to government agencies. In the event of confiscation, the amount seized by the company is treated as a gross amount, which may include service tax / goods and service tax (GST). These requirements and provisions may change from time to time due to changes in tax laws and other applicable laws.

In some scenarios as indicated in the game rules, the prize pool is automatically split between 2, 3 or 4 players in the 201 Pool Tourney or 101 Pool Tourney. We reserve the right to make changes or modifications to the rules for the automatic release of the prize pool at any time. By registering or participating in a billiard tournament 201 or a billiard tournament 101, you accept these rules for automatic sharing of the prize pool. It is stipulated that even in the 101/201 points pool, in rummy and tournament format, the company's service fees will be deducted from the winnings of the winnings before the winnings are credited to the users' winnings and to the bonus account.


You are prohibited from:

(a) And do anything with any service, platform or software that can be considered cash flow (according to the 2002 Ban or Money Laundering Restrictions), but without limiting yourself to the deliberate loss of real Chip games for certain users. Any other covert or fraudulent act intended to transfer funds to other persons, use a credit card or similar financial instrument or attempt to withdraw money in any other way than to participate in a real chipset.

(b) Publish or otherwise misrepresent defamatory, illegal, or offensive to the Company through our Services, Platform or Software.

(c) Take any action that may harm other users or interfere with the operation of the platform, software or services, attempt to corrupt the software, interfere with the platform's communications, mask or falsify your IP address or download or spread viruses. Computer pollution (in the sense of the Information Technology Act 2000 or other laws in India).

Employees of the company, administrators, consultants, agents and their close relatives are prohibited from participating in games with these chips. Their use in controlled environment tests.

Submitting a profile photo to another person as inviolable to the public is not considered illegal unless clearly provided by law. Some of these situations involve fraud and defamation. Therefore, the choice of image profile and the consequences are at the player's discretion.

Game Rules

You agree to abide by the rules and regulations of each regularly published, regularly updated game (Rules of the Game). You need to make sure you read and understand the rules and regulations of the game. These rules of the game are part of the agreement and can be found on the platform's "Game Information" page. Please read them now before using the Services. From time to time we may provide additional game formats as part of the Services. This agreement applies to all rules of the game regarding all game formats. We will let you know when additional games will be installed on the platform and will allow you to get acquainted with the rules of this game. We reserve the right to determine the results of each game and the winners in accordance with the rules of the game. By registering for the game or tournament, you accept these definitions. After each meeting we will publish the list of winners on the platform.

Tourney Gift Vouchers

Tournament Certificates are valid only for participation in this tournament, and it does not matter.

Players who participate in the tournament must use the tournament gift vouchers (TGV) only with their registered Rummy Spark account.

TGV can only be used once.

After the player has registered for the tournament using TGV and after subscribing, he / she cannot re-register for the tournament using the same voucher code.

To win the tournament, players participating in the TGV must claim at least one purchase during their lifetime.

If the tournament is canceled or the tournament is canceled, TGV expires.

The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change or cancel one or more tournament vouchers without notice. If you pay early or close, no player should claim compensation.

Technical Issues

It is specified that after placing the chips on the game table, the chips are never returned to the chip account or to the winnings and bonuses account. Once the game has been successfully completed, winnings will be transferred to the winner's bonus and bonus account.

However, in the event of a server failure, malfunction, software malfunction, technical failure or any other failure attributed to the Company, including any natural disaster or any other action of God that interrupts the game, such play will be produced. It will be canceled and the table tokens will be returned. In such limited circumstances, the company would have the exclusive right to transfer a sufficient number of tokens to the affected user accounts in the appropriate virtual accounts from which the money was withdrawn and no service charge will be charged for that game. You acknowledge that the Company is not liable to you in such cases, except for the amount specified therein.

Intellectual Property

All rights, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights, relating to services, platforms and software are expressed and implied and any content or information displayed or contained in these documents is exclusive, non-exclusive or expressed. The company merely authorizes the user to play online and does not use them for other commercial purposes and does not transfer any rights if the user is authorized to play them. The use of the services, the platform and the software does not explicitly and indirectly guarantee the ownership of the intellectual property rights on the services, on the platform or on the software or on the content or information contained therein.

The company reserves all rights, including copyrights, on the content that users can create, including, without limitation, chat messages or message boards / forums ("User-generated content") and accepts that company does not accept responsibility for this user-created content. You understand that you are accessing this user-generated content at your own risk and that the company is not responsible for obscene, defamatory, illegal or objectionable user-generated content.

Our services, platforms or software may display content that does not come from a company. The company is not responsible for this content and is solely responsible for the person or organization that provides it.

Breach and Consequences

The user acknowledges and accepts that the Company violates one of the conditions of the Contract (as determined by the Company in its sole discretion) or that it continues to access the Services, one or at the sole discretion of the Company, other users or the public interest may use several of the following methods:

(a) Block or delete your accounts.

(b) It is forbidden to use or access the services in the future.

(c) Loss of the cash balance associated with your number (s).

(d) Limit your ability to play certain types of games.

(e) Report any suspicious or illegal activity to legal or governmental agencies, including banks, payment gateways, processors or other financial institutions or brokers.

All the measures listed above will not affect other legal or reasonable rights / remedies that the Company may adopt.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

The company is not responsible for complaints, losses, injuries or damages (direct, indirect, accidental or of any other kind) deriving from or relating to the use of the services, platform or software.

Without prejudice to the elements established in the contract, the user agrees to be solely responsible for all complaints lodged against us in any circumstances, including a valid refund of the cash balance on his accounts and technical problems in the figure ex. Article 11 should be limited to Only Rs. 2000 / -.

You agree to indemnify the company from any claim, action, cause, damage, permission or bonus that we or a company or any person may have in connection with or in connection with your use of the services, the platform or the software.

If you have a problem in a particular game (it must contain a specific game ID), you have the right to resolve it within 90 days from the date you played (where you were interviewed) problem. The company does not maintain, act or complain about the problems you reported more than 90 days after the date of the suspected game.


The company expressly declines all responsibility for damages deriving from:

(a) Your participation in, joining or canceling a game.

(b) All activities or transactions with third parties connected to the user through services, platform or software.

(c) User-generated content, including any infringement of intellectual property rights relating to this user-generated content.


The Company does not guarantee or disclose the accuracy or completeness of the content included in the software. The platform services, software, all content, materials, information, services, products, including without restrictions, text, graphics and links are included in this law, regardless of the exact: presumed guarantee, condition : without guarantee.

The company will remove and apply all warranties, such as consumer and suitability, non-infringement, lack of computer viruses, etc… for a specific purpose platform services or software. The Company does not warranty or guarantee that the platform services or software available are uninterrupted, error-prone or that the services contained in the Platform Services or Program are uninterrupted or incorrect. Free of viruses or other harmful organisms.

The Company reserves the right to close the account if the User determines that the use of the Services, participating in a game or the user is intentionally caused by a malfunction or interruption of the service. [The company is not responsible for any unfinished Real Chip games.] - ??

Additional charges that may apply

Businesses or payment gateways, banks or other intermediaries may charge some additional fees when buying tokens and withdrawing money. You agree to pay these additional fees, which may vary between different banks, payment processors or other intermediaries.

Use of Services

The commercial use of the Services, Platforms or Software is strictly prohibited. You have the right to use the software for your personal entertainment only. Under no circumstances will users be authorized to use his or her accounts for purposes other than games.

The User shall not attempt to modify, disassemble, reverse engineer or disassemble the Software. The use of external player support programs (EPA programs) or artificial intelligence, including but not limited to "robots" in connection with the Services, Platforms and Software, is strictly prohibited. Games. All actions taken by the user within the framework of the games must be implemented individually by the user interface through the software. Do you agree that Head Digital Works Pvt Ltd can take action to detect and prevent EPA programs, robots / robots or artificial intelligence, Such activities may include checking for software programs running concurrently on the user's computer.

Continued use of the Services is deemed to constitute your right to receive information through account information, advertising or by SMS, e-mail or any other form of communication that you deem appropriate.

SMS Alerts

How do I sign up for a limited private text message for Head Digital Works?To receive SMS notifications from a company, simply register with us by subscribing to a recurring SMS program. Coffee's digital SMS signals are not portable spam. The service is a repeat messaging app.

Is it free?

Although all Head Digital Work signals are in place, news and data prices may apply. Depending on the text plan, this can be billed by your telephone operator.

What if I don't want to receive any more service messages?

To stop receiving all SMS messages from Head Digital Works, send to STOP 919840630013. After deleting the mobile phone number, you will receive a message from our system, a final confirmation message and no other messages will be sent to the phone. SMS alerts are sent to all users at least every 6 months to provide suggestions on how to subscribe. Example: "Send to STOP 919840630013 to cancel the operation."

What if I want to opt back in?

You can resume Head Digital Work SMS by sending a START message with the long code 919840630013. Once you add our mobile phone to our system, you will receive a confirmation message that you will receive messages on your mobile phone or mobile device.


START: The long code 919840630013 can be sent to START at any time for further information.

STOP: You can send a STOP text message at any time with the long code 919840630013. This will prevent you from receiving SMS messages from Head Digital Works after confirmation messages. "What if I don't want another news service?"

How are the messages sent?

You can use automatic or non-automatic capture technology to send text messages above during registration. SMS notifications are not sent if the mobile phone is not covered by the transmission platform or does not have sufficient network performance for a certain period of time. Even in the coverage area, factors beyond the control of the cellular operator can interrupt the delivery of the message, including the customer's equipment, location, buildings, vegetation, and weather conditions. The mobile operator does not guarantee that the signals will be sent and is not responsible for late or unannounced messages.

Privacy Notice

You can review our privacy notice by clicking here.

Collusion and Fraud Prevention

To ensure an honest game for all users of the service, the company has taken steps to prevent you from working with other players in order to win / lose or otherwise determine the outcome of the game. By accepting the agreement, you agree not to do so. Do not play the game by contacting or using other players so that you or other players may be misused. If a player is involved in such actions, the company has the right to stop money in your accounts, “stop” and close accounts without notifying you. The Company reserves the right to determine whether the Service is involved in fraud or unlawful actions, and its decision on these issues is final. If a company detects fraud or other fraudsters, it has the right to cancel these games and return the points / money associated with these games.

Responsible Gaming

The company strives to adopt responsible gaming practices to ensure the safety and responsibility of customers in the system. The company strives for honesty and reliability. We always strive to avoid problems with gambling. Limiting customer purchases is one of the opportunities for responsible business games. Purchase Limits (PL) are set by the customer. Each Rummy Spark customer has money to add a daily / monthly / cumulative limit. Customers can increase / decrease their purchase limits to control their participation in the game, following the existing KYC process. Submit additional KYC documents to increase your purchase limits.


The company may, at its discretion, reimburse you one of the following: Erroneous / Random Transactions - Unused money transactions. In case of accidental / erroneous cash lending or a similar event, you can request compensation within 2 weeks after the start of such a cash transaction (“Compensation”). As soon as the company decides at its discretion whether such a return request is genuine and there is a corresponding cash balance in your account, it will process the return request within 2 weeks. Compensation will be paid only for the instrument used to carry out the corresponding cash loan transaction and in no case will any other type of repayment be required. Fraudulent transactions –The number of unused transactions. In the case of a fake loan that you have not authorized and trusted by another user who has not yet used the product of such a transaction, the company must return the claim within 2 weeks. It was decided whether the return request was valid and it was decided that the other user had the appropriate cash balance needed for the fraudulent transaction. The amount of transaction used, in the case of a falsified loan that is not authorized by you and is provided to you at your expense or at the expense of another user, and money from this transaction is used, the company expands its cooperation with banks and others. Law enforcement: provide all the necessary information to the user who used the proceeds of a fraudulent transaction. The company will not refund compensation in this case, and your only request will be sent to the authority that issued the loan instrument.

Bonus Amounts

As part of promotional offers or other programs, the Company may from time to time increase your bonus amounts (“Bonus Amounts”) in your profit and bonus account. Despite all the provisions elsewhere in the Contract, the amount of the bonus spent on this bonus amount, or the amount associated with money or compensation, will be presented / executed only at the discretion of the Company and the user has no automatic right to withdraw or refund money in connection with such bonuses or Bonus money.


The company is not responsible for your computer or other external network malfunctions. In the event of a service interruption during the game, the company will cancel the game and refund the points / money regardless of the status of the game.

By participating in the "Real Chips" game, the user assumes full responsibility for disconnecting from the Internet or disrupting, freezing or freezing the "interface between the company's servers" on their computer, game or software. Problems with your computer or network connection. In addition to shutting down the company's servers, the company is not responsible for players disconnecting from the server.

As the company is aware of interruptions or other breaches from the Internet, players can stay on the table and continue playing until the network connection is re-established until they are available.

Third Party Sites

The Platform may contain links to third-party websites. Third-party websites may have different privacy policies than ours. In addition to the Company, your online connection or communication with the other party exists solely between you and this "third party." The products, processes, publications or services of third parties, domain names, registered trademarks, service marks, logos or manufacturers or other means of endorsement or recommendation of the Company do not imply a link to the Website.

Governing Law

This Agreement is governed by and construed in all respects and construed in accordance with Indian law.


All disputes, grievances and disputes are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Delhi, India.

Contact us

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@RummySpark.com. If your personal information changes, please contact info@RummySpark.com. If you forget your password or believe that your password or accounts have been hacked, contact us at info@RummySpark.com.

Accepting the terms and conditions

You agree to read and abide by the above terms.

Termination by User

You can stop using the Services at any time. Close your accounts by emailing info@RummySpark.com and telling us your intentions. In view of these restrictions that may apply to withdrawals pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, the Company will initially pay back the remaining cash balance.


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100% Legal:

Rummy was declared to be a game of skill by the Honbl. Supreme Court of India in 1968 and is 100% legal to play for free or for cash.

Responsible Play:

RummyCircle encourages all its players to play responsibly. Stay in control, stay entertained!.