Millions of people believe it. Rummy Spark aims to provide users with a secure platform for playing Romanian online. The safety and reliability of the players is of paramount importance to us. We guarantee 100% fairness in the games played in Rummy Spark, following the various security measures in the region.

The compulsory KYC must guarantee the integrity and transparency of AIS 2, which allows its players to discover it. Each user account created must adhere to the website terms of use and KYC standards in various locations. All Rummy Spark users must follow the KYC process, which includes email address, mobile number, proof of identity, PAN card, Aadhaar card, driver's license, confirmation, address confirmation of the IP address. Each user must enter certain KYC details when creating an account on Rummy Spark. Each player must enter more KYC details on Rummy Spark in the various stages of the playoffs, such as adding a fixed number of additional chips, and the player must verify their identity based on legal evidence.

Responsible Gaming Practice Follow the three responsible gaming practices to keep players in our system safe and responsible. We strive for completeness, fairness and reliability and do our best to avoid problems with the games.

The following responsible gaming features are presented in Rummy Spark.

Add Cash Limits: Each player has their own cash advertising limit. Players have the option to check their extra money.

Age Checks: Players under the age of 18 cannot play in Rummy Spark.

Account Closure: Account closure Players can contact us to close their account with us. Players may be required to pay their number temporarily and permanently with Rummy Spark.

Territory Checks: Layers from certain Indian states, such as Assam, Nagaland, Orissa, Sikkim and Telangana, do not allow us to play on our real money list. Even users outside of India cannot play.

Game security In Rummy Spark, we provide game level security as a business priority to maintain player confidence and provide a platform for fair play. Many steps must be taken to ensure that players can enjoy fair play without fear of improper behavior.

Safe Random Number Generator (RNG). The cards are issued with certified random number generation software which cannot be edited or controlled by AIS2 at any time. Our Random Number Generator (RNG) approved by iTech Labs Australia ( is a world renowned authority (ISO 17025 approved) number of Indian and RNG tests. It offers RNG certificates to global gaming companies ( The certified RNG guarantees that all players change cards and that the system is impartial. Click here to view the RNG certificate.

Protection of communications. All games on Rummy Spark are played securely via game servers, between client devices (laptop, PC or mobile devices). We perform double checks and security checks at different levels to prevent data processing at the end of the client and server.

Increase cash security. All chip offerings are supported by 2048 bit SSL. No information is stored in Rummy Spark by the player's credit or debit card.

Protection against fraud and collection. Rummy Spark has adopted a series of fraud protection measures to protect our players from the combination of the table.

Sitting at our tables is a coincidence, no game, no room. Therefore, players have no control over the selection of players from the list.

All users who play Rummy Spark are connected to the IP address stored by the company. Players who have accessed the same IP address cannot sit at the same table.

Our fraud detection system also prevents players from sitting at the same table.

Anti-fraud algorithms follow each phase of the game (selection of cards, rejection, melodies, shows) for each player during each hour.

Security bookmarks are updated when seller notifications are sent.

Rummy Spark constantly checks that its security measures are being followed.

Separation protection. All players connect to Rummy Spark via the Internet and in some cases are subject to network fluctuations / signals. After leaving the game, the following protective measures are used to protect players' interests:

There are three automatic game phases by default for the unrelated player. The system then determines the future course based on the player's registered team rating.

If a player's score falls below the average number of shots, the game remains in automatic mode until another player is displayed.

If the group score recorded by the player exceeds the central throw number, the player will be considered for the central throw.

If the game is played automatically and the show is placed on another player, the disconnected player will receive a drop in the middle of his registered team or in the score, which will be less than any other.

The above logic does not apply to "Best X" games, where the game always switches to automatic mode and the player is unable to eliminate in the middle.

Information on our disconnect policy

No BOT policy. Rummy Spark has no robot software (BOT) on its gaming platform and does not participate in any games. All players are valid and have an equivalent level of KYC verification.

All company websites are SSL (Secured Socket Layer) compatible. Richiestat the required certification is obtained from third-party Thawte. As a result, these sites are only available on https: //.HIIPL. They have a Thawte signature certificate to avoid modifying the software package (DL - Download Server), which is distributed to customers. Data Center Security We use the services of the International Data Center, which has decades of experience in providing infrastructure services to ensure high availability, retrospective performance and reliable security for critical applications. As part of this ongoing process, the data center is ISO 27001 certified many other certifications. With the vast experience of its teams of the Center of Excellence, the most advanced tools available to them and the vast knowledge of infrastructure management, the operations of the Data Center try to solve problems not only by restoring services after accidents, but also by analyzing rooting to avoid recurring problems. Thanks to the platform for monitoring and managing advanced services, services are monitored all day all year round. As part of additional measures such as protection against DDOS attacks, it has also been used to increase the availability of the infrastructure for end users / players. Reunification checks Occur rarely, but when our client crashes or freezes due to hardware limitations of the reader (omitting too many applications / windows), the reader reunites with the same or another Wave to continue. In such scenarios, multiple connection checks are made so that the player can continue the game that has passed the "auto play" mode due to an interruption. Duplicate checks We performed duplicate checks to calculate duplicate player values. The duplicate values are shown above the specified threshold. As a result, we plan to contact these players and close their duplicate accounts. It also plays an important role for players who receive relevant advertising content. Product test account Not all major digital jobs. Employees with limited liability are allowed to play with Rummy Spark under this policy. To check the system status and reproduce the problems reported by customers, we keep several test accounts in the production system. These accounts are defined as internal test accounts in our internal office systems and cash returns are not permitted for these accounts. In addition, these internal test accounts can be accessed through the office space and reproduced on the production system to verify system integrity if necessary.


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100% Legal:

Rummy was declared to be a game of skill by the Honbl. Supreme Court of India in 1968 and is 100% legal to play for free or for cash.

Responsible Play:

RummyCircle encourages all its players to play responsibly. Stay in control, stay entertained!.